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25 July 2012 @ 03:13 pm
Absolute Chaos  

If you decide to join, please say that PockyPants referred ya! :)

Want to trade?
Leave a comment if you have a livejournal, send an email over to secretletters10[AT]gmail.com or ask via the forums.

Card Count: 585
Card Worth: 623

Member Cards


Activity Log
10/11/12 - Level Up: worldcup09, knightbus08, chosen19, rickman15

10/10/12 - Lottery: loony12
Post Count Reward: hbpdumbledore08, advanceguard05, felton02
Updates/New Decks: mf-prejoin02, mf-prejoin03, mfs-mischiefmanaged02, mfs-mischiefmanaged10, participation04
Weekly Freebies: legend16, dhcastle05, redhead10, old17, hogwartscrest04, 14 
Ancient Runes: poawanted18, mishap10, 98 
Astronomy: goldenegg08, dh2faceoff15, 76 
Charms: floo20, oldman14, 67 
DADA: felixfelicis17, radcliffe08, 84 
Herbology: chosen18, worldcup05, 93 
History of Magic: keeper02, flight07, 87 
Potions: coshermione17, jokeshop18, 3
Transfiguration: departure17, grint20, 69 
Blackjack: spinnersend08, 12grimmauld15, dhcastle05, 10
Nearly Headless Nick: ootpumbridge08, lifeandlies17, 16
Beat the Ghoul: darkmark14, worldcup01, 26
Peeves: lynch13, pscastle08, secretkeeper09, 11
Trick or Treat Bag: wright20, goldenegg16, coshermione18, advanceguard07, cfc49, 99 
Where's the Troll?: pssnape17, poaharry16, 54
Card Hunt: watson15
High or Low: gofdelacour13
Transfigure This: poaron12, wright17, pssnape17, letters02, hbpdraco02, 12grimmauld12
Poll: gofharry03, participation05
MF: poawanted10
MFS: dh2faceoff04
Trade Card: ontherise01, mishap06, burrow04, ravenclawcrest04,
Traded my greatest08, greatest10, headmaster08, gryffindor08 for Britti's 12grimmauld17, demented07, demented13, hufflepuff11
Traded my knowitall10, watson16, coshermione07, coshermione13, coshermione15, hbphermione13, ootphermione02, ootphermione09, ootphermione15 for Kim's flight12, flight16, 12grimmauld09, demented18, felixfelicis07, felixfelicis13, felixfelicis19, humble16, legend01 + member cards

10/2/12 - High or Low: lewis08
Transfigure This: borginandburkes07, borginandburkes17, cosharry05, lewis08, ootpvoldemort05, gofkrum05
Card Hunt: portkey04
New Decks/Updates: hogwartscrest13, hufflepuffcrest07, dementor14, flight04
Blackjack: pureblood12, grint18, cosdraco01, 6
Nearly Headless Nick: dobby06, hbpluna06, 28 
Lumos: greatest08, hbphermione13, warning16, advanceguard06, ootphermione09, gryffindor13, participation02
October Freebies: knowitall09, burrow17, mishap03, portkey20, 12grimmauld05, felixfelicis08, dhcastle18, radcliffe03
Slots: knightbus08, monsterbook03, privetdrive14, 45
Troll Duel: poaharry08, poaharry09, rickman11, 168 
Beat the Ghoul: leakycauldron06, dhcastle06, 35 
Peeves: rickman03, mishap19, ootpvoldemort18, 47 
Trick or Treat Bag: poasirius08, escape12, greatest10, pureblood12, cfc65, 45 
Where's the Troll?: tomriddle06, escape15, 6 
Weekly Freebies: worldcup10, cosdraco02, poaharry11, dh2dobby05, ravenclaw03, 88 
Floo Network: ootphermione17, letters06, 43 
London: pssnape17, flight14, monsterbook01, 52 
Ministry of Magic: hbpdraco12, ravenclawcrest17, 225 
Peddler: worldcup02, cosron12, gofkrum11, 73 
Platform 9 3/4: poahermione10, hbpluna20, greatest14, 80 
Quick Quotes Quills: dh1fredandgeorge07, gofharry09, 72 
The Quibbler: excessphlegm02, poaharry16, mishap18, 87 
Witch Weekly: dementor20, pscastle14, 76 
Hufflepuff CR: pattinson06, hbphermione02
Trash or Treasure: my oldfriend03 for felixfelicis14
Traded my cosdobby08, cosdobby13, cosdobby19, escape08, escape11, escape13, lifeandlies11, spinnersend13, spinnersend18, and spinnersend20 for Kayori's goldenegg01, goldenegg03, goldenegg08, goldenegg19, humble04, humble07
Mastered dementor: worldcup01, worldcup08, delacour01, pureblood17, letters19, harryronyr110,

9/25/12 - Nina's Card Post: my dobby02 for privetdrive05
Nina's Card Post: my pureblood02 for pscastle01
Trade Card: monsterbook20, ootpluna08, secretkeeper14, , monsterbook20, ootpluna08, secretkeeper14
Image Donations: participation01
High or Low: poawanted05
Transfigure This: gofharry03, headmaster11, peckofowls06, darkmark04, rickman14
Post Count Reward: mishap09, hbpdraco01
Updates/New Decks: cfc72, events07, headmaster08, hermioneronyr402, greatest12, old08
Weekly Freebies: oldfriend19, poatrio03, coshermione13, hbpdraco07, hermioneronyr409, 6 
Harry's Snitch: poaron07, tomriddle08, oldman10, 79
Cho's Homework: excessphlegm15, hbpluna04, monsterbook18, 205 
Colin's Camera: darkmark10, knightbus12, 82 
Hermione's Match (2 Match): grint09, pattinson13, zoo04, 130 
Neville's Challenge: advanceguard20, hbpdumbledore08, 423 
Ron's Card: radcliffe09, dhcastle06, 14 
Poll: redhead05, participation03
Card Hunt: dementor16
Trade Card: delacour09, tomriddle12, gofharry14, harryhermioneyr109
Traded my  ravenclaw02, gryffindor04, gryffindor10, gryfinndor20, ootpluna09 for Britti's worldcup05, worldcup06, loony01, humble08, humble14, humble20, demented05, demented11, demented19
Traded my pscastle09, pscastle16 for Dite's dementor20, flight11 + member cards
Trade Card: demented02, pscastle07, burrow07, hufflepuff15
MF Scene: lynch17
Lottery: grint08
Traded my secretkeeper14, greatest12, old08, hermioneronyr402, hermioneronyr409 for Britti's flight05, excessphlegm05, excessphlegm07, excessphlegm10, humble11, humble15, knightbus19

9/18/12 - Updates/EXAM: letters02, felixfelicis02, departure19, dementor06, worldcup04 
Card Hunt - Round 5: dementor05
High or Low: humble05
Transfigure This: privetdrive02, privetdrive01, dhcastle12, mishap10 gofcedric15, dh1bellatrix20, pssnape01
Post Count Reward: mishap09, hbpdraco01
Lottery: oldfriend01
Weekly Freebies: dh1bellatrix10, peckofowls09, hbpdraco20, felixfelicis03, gryffindor20, 46 
Forbidden Forest: ootpluna05, spinnersend13, 78
Mirror of Erised: coshermione07, knightbus01, cosharry09, ootphermione02, 8 
Moving Portraits: dobby08, cosdobby13, 17 
Nearly Headless Nick: letters16, gofharry07, 74 
Quidditch Trivia: legend09, poaharry05, 72
Restricted Section: lynch19, secretkeeper07, 49 
Writing on the Wall: sevenpotters19, poalupin18, 41
Trash or Treasure: my excessphlegm14 for dementor11
Traded my redhead06 for Jennifer's flight10 + member cards
Traded my cosron11 for Whitney's letters06
Mastered departure: letters08, letters10, ontherise07, humble01, portkey19, slytherin06
Level Up (2): letters14, excessphlegm04, dementor05, gryffindor04,
Level Up (3): letters15, portkey05, pscastle09, ravenclaw02,
Mastered letters: dementor09, dementor10, radcliffe13, riddlehouse19, ootpluna09, harryronyr102,
Level Up (4): dementor12, advanceguard11, ootphermione15, harryronyr109,

9/9/12 - High or Low: loony13
Lottery: hbpluna03
Transfigure This: poatrio13, psletter08, worldcup16, ootphermione16, poalupin
Post Count Reward: tomriddle11
Card Hunt: departure17
Diagon Alley: hufflepuff20
Updates/New Decks: events05, events06, leung08, lewis18, lynch04, oldman14, pattinson10, wright11, dhcastle14, dh1bellatrix10, dh2dobby03, dh2faceoff06, dh1fredandgeorge02
 Lottery: chosen12, pattinson03
Weekly Freebies: monsterbook06, leung19, cosdraco12, dh2faceoff08, gryffindor10
Ancient Runes: leung11, excessphlegm02, 36 
Astronomy: dh1fredandgeorge07, pureblood18, 30
Charms: rickman19, hbpdraco14, 54
DADA: borginandburkes06, ootpluna06, 96 
Herbology: poatrio15, worldcup20, 14
Potions: delacour20, spinnersend20, 7
Transfiguration: goldenegg14, delacour01, 75
Nina's Card Post: pureblood14 for letters19 + member card

9/7/12 - Complete the Deck: zoo17 for escape08
Traded my knowitall13, knowitall16, ravenclaw10, secretkeeper06, secretkeeper11 for Britti's departure10, departure16, felixfelicis06, flight15, flight17, humble10
Traded my gofkrum15 for Lexxi's departure08 + member cards
9/6/12 - Member of the Week: legend03, monsterbook09, willandwont10, peckofowls07, ravenclaw10, 133 
New Decks: humble01,humble12, goldenegg02, goldenegg15, legend02, legend15, loony06, loony16, felixfelicis04, felixfelicis11, hbpluna02, hbpluna12, gofcedric04, gofcedric08, gofharry12, gofharry07, jokeshop05, jokeshop16, delacour12, secretkeeper11
Ancient Runes: spinnersend18, poatrio02, 42 
Astronomy: zoo04, redhead07, 4 
Charms: peckofowls10, hbpdraco06, 61 
DADA: knowitall13, flight14, 80 
Herbology: gofharry12, legend11, 47 
History of Magic: grint05, 12grimmauld19, 65 
Potions: 12grimmauld14, poahermione09, 77 
Transfiguration: cosdobby08, demented15, 19 
Forbidden Forest: redhead06, radcliffe19, 39 
Mirror of Erised: escape13, dobby19, ootpvoldemort04, hbpdraco17, 77 
Moving Portraits: floo19, dementor13, 72 
Nearly Headless Nick: worldcup16, monsterbook04, 30 
Quidditch Trivia: darkmark16, cosdraco04, 96 
Restricted Section: pscastle16, rickman17
Writing on the Wall: secretkeeper06, gofharry17, 90 
Cho's Homework: hbpdraco06, pureblood14, letters04, 227 
Loony Luna's Cards: poasirius15, poasirius16, knightbus02, poasirius15, 78 
Neville's Challenge: burrow07, cosron20, 12 
Ron's Card: watson16, leakycauldron01, 78 
Floo Network: gofkrum15, cosharry05, 70 
London: knightbus18, excessphlegm14, zoo17, 68 
Ministry of Magic: escape11, poahermione02, 145 
Peddler: hbpdraco18, willandwont18, legend14, 93 
Platform 9 3/4: poahermione05, letters16, cosharry14, 99 
Quick Quotes Quills: poalupin17, ootphermione18, 34 
The Quibbler: psletter17, rickman01, ontherise03, 49 
Witch Weekly: hbpdumbledore01, poaron17, 49 
Harry's Snitch: escape05, cosharry05, coshermione15, 29 
Hufflepuff CR: dementor02, oldfriend03
Traded my dobby06, dobby12 for Jennifer's hufflepuff14
September Freebies: pureblood03, leakycauldron15, felixfelicis01, goldenegg09, lifeandlies07, loony07
Card Hunt Round 3: felixfelicis16

8/20/12 - Updates: cosharry06, cosharry16, coshermione02, coshermione07, cosron06, cosron11, poasirius03, poasirius14, poawanted02, poawanted15, keeper18
New Puzzle Design: replaced pscastle11, pscastle17, psletter19, cosdobby02, cosdobby19, cosdraco03, cosdraco10, cosdraco15, cosdraco20
Traded my my advanceguard08, monsterbook19 for Whitney's keeper18, keeper19 + member cards

8/17/12 - Trash or Treasure: pureblood20 for departure13

8/16/12 - Card Hunt: portkey09
Complete the Deck: leakycauldron08
Traded my redhead14, knowitall09, ravenclaw03 for Britti's dementor18, keeper01, keeper20, worldcup14 + member cards

8/15/12 - Traded my felton07, felton08 for Andrea's keeper04, keeper06
Traded my chosen09 for Kayori's dementor08
Submitted zoo05 to Card Exchange

8/14/12 - Traded my chosen10, chosen17, hermioneronyr104, hermioneronyr105 for Britti's dementor19, excessphlegm19, flight01, flight02, worldcup12, worldcup20
Update (Birthday): knightbus01, flight03, departure03, letters01, excessphlegm01, dementor02, 12grimmauld01, portkey10
Hangman: willandwont07, pscastle11
Peeptin (51 - 100 Moves): 12grimmauld13, pscastle17, peckofowls07
Peddler: cosdobby02, lifeandlies08
London: leakycauldron09, chosen09, worldcup15
Tic-Tac-Toe: borginandburkes01, oldfriend03
War: felton07, pureblood14
Freebies: letters11, hufflepuff19

8/12/12 - August Freebies: excessphlegm20, advanceguard17, departure05,  keeper14
Traded my felton04, felton09 for Andrea's event03
Comment Test: depature01

8/10/12 - Traded my redhead16 and zoo04 for Jennifer's hufflepuff03

8/7/12 - Updates: borginandburkes19, borginandburkes20, flight08, flight20, events01, events02
Traded my chosen18, harryronyr110, redhead04 for Kayori's dementor01, ementor03, keeper16, and letters13  + member cards
Hangman: cosdraco14, monsterbook19
Peeptin (101 - 150 Moves): ontherise09, excessphlegm14,
Peddler: excessphlegm12, sevenpotters01
London: chosen17, ontherise16, rickman12
Tic-Tac-Toe: grint16, oldfriend03
War: chosen10, advanceguard08
Freebies: zoo05, ravenclaw03,

8/3/12 - Traded my lifeandlies19 for Aleck's dementor15

8/2/12 - Traded my spinnersend08, rickman03, rickman08, tomriddle03, tomriddle14 for Andrea's departure06, hufflepuff01, hufflepuff06 + member cards
Traded my redhead05 for Malheur's departure15

8/1/12 - Hangman: darkmark02, worldcup02
Peddler: warning03, portkey17
Tic-Tac-Toe: oldfriend12, leakycauldron08
Peeptin (101 - 150 Moves): dementor04, portkey11,
London: redhead16, pureblood20, psletter19
Freebies: darkmark15, hermioneronyr105,
Hufflepuff CR: burrow11, zoo04
Image Donations: dobby06, letters09, sevenpotters19, cosdraco15, demented06, keeper13, oldfriend05, mishap07, redhead14, lifeandlies19
Level Badge Donations: felton04, portkey16, hufflepuff10, departure04

7/31/12 - Traded my harryronyr109 and member cards for Cassie's hufflepuff09

7/29/12 - Updates: tomriddle03, tomriddle14, pureblood02, pureblood20, dobby02, dobby12, departure20, departure11, letters04, letters17, cosdobby02, cosdobby19, cosdraco03, cosdraco20, felton08, felton09, rickman03, rickman08, chosen01, chosen18, knowitall10, knowitall09, redhead04, redhead05, harryhermioneyr110, harryronyr110, hermioneronyr102, hermioneronyr104
July Freebies: letters20, knightbus07, privetdrive02, departure18

7/27/12 - Traded my harryhermioneyr107 and member cards for Malheur's departure14, knightbus17
Traded my gryffindor08 for Betty's hufflepuff05

7/25/12 - Starter Pack: departure02, departure12, departure07, departure09, knightbus20, burrow15, knightbus09, dementor07, gryffindor08, harryhermioneyr107
Hangman: letters18, letters07
Peddler: worldcup03, willandwont03
Tic-Tac-Toe: darkmark18, excessphlegm09
Peeptin (101 - 150 Moves): knowitall16, dementor17
London: ontherise12, letters12, burrow09
War: lifeandlies11, worldcup17
Freebies: 12grimmauld03, harryronyr109
Created Member Card
Sorting Hat: letters03, spinnersend08, letters05hermioneronyr105, harryronyr102
Aglaïamerrilymemory on August 14th, 2012 02:35 am (UTC)
Hey PockyPants! :D

Would you like to trade your chosen10, chosen17, hermioneronyr104, hermioneronyr105 for my dementor19, excessphlegm19, flight01, flight02, worldcup12, worldcup20?

Thanks for considering ^^

Edited at 2012-08-14 03:05 am (UTC)
PockyPantssecretletters10 on August 14th, 2012 01:44 pm (UTC)
Britti! <3
You joined Absolute Chaos?! :D

And yes, of course!

Thank ya! :)
Aglaïa: harry potter → magical memorymerrilymemory on August 15th, 2012 12:21 am (UTC)
No problem! I put you as my referrer, so you should hopefully get a reward with the next update. :D I'm really like the vibes I get from this TCG! Looking forward to many more trades :)
Aglaïamerrilymemory on October 31st, 2012 12:45 am (UTC)
Hi Pocky! I left you a trade a few weeks ago on the forum, but I think I'll use this now!

Your old17, gryffindor13, pssnape01, pssnape17, ravenclawcrest17, mfs-mischiefmanaged10, letters04, letters06, letters16, dhcastle05, dhcastle06 for my excessphlegm18, hufflepuffcrest05, demented01, knightbus14, knightbus16, leakycauldron10, leakycauldron12, leakycauldron19, legend07, loony03, portkey07, privetdrive04, gofcedric01?