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25 July 2012 @ 02:51 pm


If you decide to join, please say that PockyPants referred ya! :)
Want to trade?
Leave a comment if you have an LJ, send an email over to secretletters10[AT]gmail.com or ask via the forums.

Card Count:  237
Card Worth: 239



Might Trade

Will Trade

Celebrities - Female
Celebrities - Male


Favorites (worth 2)




Music Videos






TV Shows

Special (Worth 2)

Member Cards

x0  x2  x5  x5
= $160

Stamp Card

Activity Log
8/18/12 - Giveaway: halloween06, harrypotterandthechamberofsecrets01, pink09, selene01, johnnydepp02

8/17/12 - Updates/Birthday - blackswan02, harrypotterandtheprisonerofazkaban01, avatar02, phanTomoftheopera02, hunchbackofnotredame04, prideandprejudice04, pastels01, ladygaga13
Traded my petersarsgaard14, meeko14, mindymacredy14, purple03, purple08, thesaturdays01, naturally05, sweetdreamsmylaex09, lita14 for Catherine's  cosplay04, cosplay14, harrypotterandtheprisonerofazkaban06, harrypotterandtheprisonerofazkaban09, harrypotterandtheprisonerofazkaban13, harrypotterandtheprisonerofazkaban14, ladygaga07, phantomoftheopera05, phantomoftheopera07 + Member Cards
Mastered cosplay: $30, blackswan/blackswan03, blackswan/blackswan04, kazunarininomiya/kazunarininomiya12, alyssamilano/alyssamilano14, onetreehill/onetreehill03, christinaapplegate/christinaapplegate04,

8/15/12 - Traded my iloverockandroll13 for steph's cosplay12 + member cards

8/13/12 - Like on Facebook: event23

8/12/12 - Traded my maximus06, maximus14 for Kaz's prideandprejudice10, prideandprejudice14 + member cards
Level Up: $30, cosplay/cosplay05, cosplay/cosplay09, lita/lita14, mirandacosgrove/mirandacosgrove07, ericadurance/ericadurance08, nickybyrne/nickybyrne11,
Level Up: $30, cosplay/cosplay13, blackswan/blackswan01, robinscherbatsky/robinscherbatsky04, theparenttrap/theparenttrap01, gregoryhouse/gregoryhouse08, pie/pie15
Wordsearch: christinaricci05, jamesmcavoy13, iloverockandroll03, allihavetogive15, cosplay03
8/10/12 - Traded my jamesmvavoy15, 27dresses05 for Pam's blackswan14, blackswan15 + member cards
New Decks: eurekapuzzle12, meeko05, meeko14, sweetdreamsmylaex09
Wishes: hungergamespuzzle05, labyrinthpuzzle07, movingcastlepuzzle07, penguinpuzzle08, blackswan11, avatar05,  harrypotterandtheprisonerofazkaban03, cosplay01
Freebies: newyork09
Finish The Lyrics: kaleidostar03, doihavetocryforyou15, ellefanning12
One Liner: iloverockandroll13, kellyclarkson06
Music Puzzle: neveragain15, marksloan12, muse10
Slots: dosomethin15, ironman04, clumsy04
Find The Microphone: ariel13, tokyotower09
Battle of the Bands: $20
Bon Appetit: $5
Card Hunt: forrestgump13, redorange03, sexiestmenalive12, supernatural12, alysonhannigan11, cosplay02, $20
Giveaway: keiraknightley02, pastels03, selene02, sims211, sims215
Bon Appetit: aslongasyouloveme05

8/4/12 - New Decks: maximus06, maximus14, thesaturdays01, dropdeaddivapuzzle08
Wish: danielradcliffe11, gerardbutler15, johnnydepp14, genekelly10, alanrickman10
Freebie: cherryblossoms05
Scramblin' For Words: rosaliehale01, yellow04, sexandthecity04, shaniatwain14
Guess The Animal: watermelon08, thor07, thereturnoftheking15
Where In The World?: persuasion05, smores05, rihanna02
Food Puzzle: lilyaldrin08, oranges05, ireland12, marieantoinette01, aaliyah13
Colour Me Confused: emperorsnewgroove02, eclipse14
Olympics 2012 Mini-Event Prize: sclub708, mindymacready14, genieinabottle12, $5
Memory: getsmart07, bradleymcintosh05, heroes14
Tidbits Of Trivia: veronicamars15, eminem04, blackswan13
Lottery: crossroads11, annalynnemccord06
Hangman: elijahwood13, wivesanddaughters13
Card Puzzle: behindthesehazeleyes14, babyowlpuzzle09, hades06
Tic Tac Toe: labyrinthpuzzle15, snowglobes12
Olympics 2012 Mini-Event Prize: hotdogs15, cheesecake06, badgirl06, indianapolis01, parkerposey06, $10
Olympics 2012 Mini-Event Prize:  mf-moviecharacter05
Olympics 2012 Mini-Event Prize:  cosplay07, cosplay15
August Freebies: allihavetogive03, christmas15, snowmen05, waterfalls15, dontstopthemusic06, privatepractice05, carl05, jackolantern01, avatar07, prideandprejudice05, cosplay08, blackswan07

7/31/12 - Caboodle Giveaway: ladygaga03, phantomoftheopera01, theoffice01, theoffice05, zoolander04
Member's Favourite City: serenavanderwoodson07, crystalskull12
New Decks: yorkshireterriers01, yorkshireterriers14, lizparker12, amberheard07, petersarsgaard14, purple08, purple03

7/28/12 - Created Member Card

7/27/12 - Freebies: loveactually12
Finish The Lyrics: greysanatomy07, ashleesimpson12, washingtondc04
One Liner: mufasa03, seashells07
Music Puzzle: 27dresses05, pancakes01, blairwaldorf08
Slots: katyperry08, danielradcliffe01, behatiprinsloo09
Find The Microphone: piratesofthecaribbeanatworldsend04, allihavetogive11
Battle Of The Bands: ralphfiennes04, katebeckinsale14, graverobber08, telephone07, usher04
Guess The Actress: meangirls06, kevin12, orange11
Guess The Movie: decode06, valentinesday15, buffysummers09
Guess The Character: phantomoftheopera04, goldfinger09, hercules07
Poster Puzzle: juno09, willaholland07, jamesmcavoy15, yakisoba05, crayolapuzzle06
Guess The Tagline: thelittlemermaid08, genekelly09, katebeckinsale08
Memory: teardropsonmyguitar11, potatochips08, drewfuller04
Tidbits Of Trivia: hilaryduff02, 50firstdates13, edwestwick15
Lottery: davidbeckham07, ninadobrev01
Hangman: pokerface15, cookies14
Card Puzzle: britneyspears02, joshuajackson03, magickingdom05
Tic Tac Toe: zachaddy15, raspberries05
Fallin Star: $10
Scramblin' For Words: iloverockandroll09,  nicolescherzinger01, edwardcullen02, smoothies14
Guess The Animal: bigbangtheory15, piratesofthecaribbeandeadmanschest13, paulcattermole11
Where In The World?: radhamitchell05, onelove06, illneverbreakyourheart04
Food Puzzle: yellowgreen07, sophiabush04, brianwhite01, theproducers02, blue12
Colour Me Confused: dukesofhazzard05, howtotrainyourdragon15, beautyandthebeast14
War of the Roses: epcot05, lost03

7/25/12 - Starter Deck: cosplay11, cosplay10, cosplay06, loveactually/loveactually11, timothyolyphant/timothyolyphant09, amandabynes/amandabynes10, incomplete/incomplete04, westlifepuzzle/westlifepuzzle01, pastels/pastels05, dawsonleeryjenlindley/dawsonleeryjenlindley05, naturally/naturally05,