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24 July 2012 @ 03:17 pm
Destined Stars  

If you decide to join, please say that PockyPants referred ya! :)
Want to trade?  
Leave a comment if you have LJ, send an email over to secretletters10[AT]gmail.com or ask via the forums.

Card Count: 133
Card Worth: 167

Nothing yet!



Might Trade

Will Trade


for Amy
for Azurei
for Caitlin

for Kiri

for Michelle
for Colleen

for Kiara
for Kristi
x4  x3  x2  x6  x3  x3  x4  x6  x5  x7

Trade Cards

Activity Log
8/13/12 - Weekly Freebies: tobealady15, Elysion07, death06, shadowoftime09, outerprincesses04

8/12/12 - Traded my goldencrystal06 for Britti's tobealady03
Guess the Villain: loveyouanyway08, tomboy08, 1 Princess
Haruka's Tailsman: smopening211, moonmaiden13
Venus Love Me Chain: stormriser03, guide07
You've Got the Power: act3a09, revealed15
Ami's Math Game: starhoney06, astronaut15, act1a15, 2 Princesses
Artemis's Headquarters: diebeautiful12, thunderandice11, 1 Princess
Hotaru's Hangman: dreamer07, fortitude07, marspunishyou06, 1 Princess
Kunzite's War: arrows07, moonmaiden10, miko09, lunarmoon09, dualmaker13, 1 Princess
Minako's Guessing Game: goldencrystal06, redrose07, seasky08, 1 Princess
Motoki's Slot Machine: connections08, jealousrose06, soldierofcourage13, 1 Princess
Seiya's Lottery: notdoneyet03, promisekept12, 1 Princess
Taiki's Word Search: goodenough06, heliosleaves12
Yaten's Tic Tac Toe (Tied): revolution01, dressingup05, 1 Princess

8/7/12 - Traded my  kissoflife08, flameandthunder14 for Siri's heliosleaves05, heliosleaves14, timeguardian07

8/6/12 - Traded my himekoreturns04 himekoreturns11 inanillusion10 for P.Shaman's designer14 timeguardian03 timeguardian14
Traded my broochfixed05 notfooled11 for Michelle's pinkbunny05 pinkbunny13
8/5/12 - Weekly Freebies: arrows05, icebubbles05, episode211, fireandbeauty10, instantfriends10

8/4/12 - Luna's Quotes: inanillusion06, tomboy06,
Past Memories: mooncrisis12, episode606, dressingup07, 1 Princess Pluto
Sailor Wars (Sailor Senshi): act3b04, kissoflife08, rayofhope08, shrinemaiden10, flameandthunder14, 4 Princesses
Setsuna's Clothes: act2a05, futuremoon13,
Chibi Usa's Puzzle: designer09, 1 Princess
Ami's Math Game: marspunishyou01, episode614, spaceman04, 2 Princesses
Artemis's Headquarters: act2a15, instantfriends06, 1 Princess
Hotaru's Hangman: episode307, episode609, goldencrystal06, 1 Princess
Kunzite's War: loveyouanyway09, notfooled11, episode204, dualhealer15, originalthree10, 1 Princess
Minako's Guessing Game: kaleidoscope14, domestic15, rerelease110, 1 Princess
Motoki's Slot Machine: togetherwithyou08, elegance14, grandopening11, 1 Princess
Seiya's Lottery: diebeautiful10, episode614, 1 Princess
Taiki's Word Search: broochfixed05, himekoreturns11
Yaten's Tic Tac Toe (Tied): himekoreturns04, redheads07, 1 Princess

8/2/12 - Traded my protector11 for Siri's pinksugar02
Traded my bunny06, protector15 for Michelle's tobealady01, tobealady14

7/31/12 - Traded my  act7a14 act7b01 act7b03 act8a13 moresuited07 protector01 for P.Shaman's futuremoon07 futuremoon14 pinkbunny14 pinksugar07 pinksugar11 pinksugar12
Traded my bookworm01, bookworm09, miko03 for Eden's littlebylittle03, timeguardian04 and timeguardian10

7/27/12 - Weekly Freebies: bunny06, yourenotalone07, heliosleaves06, starlights10, beautifuldream13
Guess the Villain: elegance14, revealed11, 1 Princess Venus
Haruka's Tailsman: guidance14, inanillusion10
Luna's Quotes: bookworm09, yourenotalone09
Past Memories: marspunishyou15, companion02, fireandbeauty14, 1 Princess Mars
Sailor Wars (Black Moon Clan): protector01
Setsuna's Clothes: eiennomelody06, miko03
Usagi's Puzzle: act3b10, loveprotects06, 1 Princess Serenity
Fan Card Puzzle: bookworm01, turnedmyfuture14, 1 Princess Serenity
Member Badge Puzzle: saygoodbye06, instantfriends04, 1 Princess Uranus
Ami's Math Game: charmbuster15, tobeagirl05, elysion05, 1 Princess Venus, 1 Princess Neptune
Artemis's Headquarters: act7b01, dualhealer13, 1 Princess Chibi Usa
Hotaru's Hangman: tobeagirl05, cestlavie04, spaceman10, 1 Princess saturn
Kunzite's War: moresuited07, thunder03, protector11, seasky11, blueflowers03, 1 Princess Uranus
Motoki's Slot Machine: act7a14, episode512, bluebunnies12, 1 Princess Jupiter
Seiya's Lottery: saturnawakens01, pinkbunny04, 1 Princess Venus
Yaten's Tic Tac Toe (Tied): protector15, dualmaker07, 1 Princess saturn
Minako's Guessing Game: protector12, cestlavie14, shadowoftime07, 1 Princess neptune
Taiki's Word Search: yourenotalone06, revolution09
7/24/12 - Starter Deck: tobealady04, tobealady10, tobealady12 , smopening208, revealed04, episode13812, seyecatch04, redheads07, boundbyduty04, Princess Saturn, Princess Mercury (x3), Princess Jupiter
Power Ups: act7a13, act7b03, act8a13, act8b11, act9a15
PockyPantssecretletters10 on August 11th, 2012 08:13 pm (UTC)
OH ok yeah, for sure! :D
*makes a note*

Hm... well hopefully the site will be back up soon! I guess we'll just have to wait it out till then. O.o

YES!!!!! I was a member of SCMR. I miss it so much! You to?

I wish I could remember what my very first tcg was... it was a Sailor Moon TCG (not SCMR though) and the decks were named after gemstones I think. The Venus deck was "topaz".