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15 November 2010 @ 01:54 am
YuleCon Report?  
YuleCon Report:

The con was... pretty terrible for me. Those who actually got to do something at the con or had friends may of had a good time, I guess.

My situation is like this...

Hey YuleCon is in a couple weeks! And look, ArcAttack is performing!! HELL YEAH!
I made sure to ask off that Saturday from work because it's the only day I plan on going!

Oh wait, what's that? My [neglected] night class finally is invited to one of the the "field trips" that day? Awesome... I don't really want to go, but it's something I could put on my resume so it'd just be stupid not to go.
But hey according to the schedule ArcAttack is performing on Sunday, so at least I can go see them!

Well, let's go Saturday morning for a couple hours before my school thing and hang out.
Get lost multiple times and get all aggravated, then...
Oh wait. None of my friends are here and there's nothing to do.

Sunday we're roaming the hotel searching for a vending machine, I glance out a window. "Oh hey, there's ArcAttack! ... wait ... why are they packing up and leaving?" >:(


Sit through a boring steampunk skit and the all the guests talking... get a single can of NOS.

Didn't care for the hotel they were in either, but that's kind of irrelevant.

Long story short: No cosplay, No friends, No performance you were really excited for... no fun.

Waste of time, money and gas. For me, at least. None of which was really the con's fault... well... I guess it kind of was aside from the bad timing with the school thing. They shouldn't put shit on their schedule if it's not going to happen.